Moms Not Alone: Becoming a Pescetarian

Sometimes you drive home during 5 o’clock traffic. Maybe you have the music turned up. Maybe you’re listening to traffic or weather reports. Maybe it’s one of those days when the storm clouds are the kind of black-gray when you cannot see anything in front of you. All you want to do is arrive home, maybe see your kids, maybe pour a glass of whiskey, or warm up a microwave pizza.

For two-and-a-half-years, I’ve faced different struggles, since the birth of my daughter. I’m thankful everyday for her and my family, but sometimes women –moms– are given this idea that they have to be perfect not long after labor.

Eat right.

Breastfeed right.


Be dedicated to your work.

At the time I gave birth to my daughter, I believed I would bounce back like I did after my son’s birth. I’d be able to work, in the same physical shape, and continue my planned road toward teaching.

This story is much like the one some mothers face. This story is like my early twenties when I learned to cook, so I could help myself ease away from my eating disorder. This story is about accepting reality, and learning how to do for yourself.

I pair today’s post with my writing on my regular blog, A Word or More, where I will write more about accepting yourself.  One issue I struggled with after my daughter’s birth was how to get my body back and how quickly would it happen while trying to complete an internship and graduate.

So, what does this have to do with food?


I wasn’t taking care of myself. To be a good teacher or to give of yourself takes more than just going through the motions. I really learned this last year, and I rededicated my time to fitness. For so long, I was on-and-off track.

One of my inspirations for the last few years has been Keaira LaShae. She not only has work outs on her YouTube channel, but talks about her journey in eating. She is a mother, hard worker, and also experience a positive journey is breastfeeding.

I made the decision, much to my husband’s disappointment, to take another step in my physical and spiritual journey back to Becca. (Also, called “Project Bye Bye Belly.”)

I am trying to be a Pescetarian. 

I have family members and good friends who are vegetarians. I like to eat seafood, so it’s hard for me to give up fish.  Basically, I give up meat, except certain types of fish. I’m already on a non-dairy diet, due to health issues.

Since I keep a fitness and eating journal to hold myself accountable, I set goals for myself. I write it like a lesson plan. I set up my objective or what I want to accomplish, and write steps to get there.  Some of the steps include limiting my intake of bread, which I don’t eat much of anyways.

It’s about the whole body. I have found when I do whole body workouts and nutritional plans that help the entire body, it makes me a better person.  As someone who struggled with anxiety and anger for the fear that I would not be a good enough teacher and provide for my kids, these choices have made a difference.

If I record what I eat and my workouts, then I am more likely to hold myself accountable. I hope to continue the news of my journey here. I just started my third week of whole body fitness, and my food journey is in its first week.




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